Phone Scam Advisory

Dear island residents,

Guam residents recently reported receiving fraudulent incoming phone calls from 477-8215, the main phone number for Ordot Dental Clinic. Our telecom provider, GTA, has been informed, and we are working with the proper authorities to investigate and address the matter.

We have confirmed that none of the reported calls originated from Ordot Dental Clinic. It seems the scammers have spoofed Ordot Dental Clinic’s phone number, using it to disguise where the calls are originating from. Also, the scammers apparently are calling Guam phone numbers indiscriminately, reaching consumers regardless of whether they are affiliated with our clinic.

We want to assure our patients that their personal data is protected. We have conducted a thorough review of all office systems and have confirmed that the clinic’s internal servers remain secure. Our patient database is fully encrypted and secured in compliance with HIPPA and the highest industry standards.
To report suspicious incoming calls, please call Ordot Dental Clinic at 477-8215. We are keeping a record of all complaints to help with the investigation. Our phone number is working properly and a member of our staff will answer. The actual phone line is not affected by the spoofing.

Please remember that Ordot Dental Clinic would never call, email, or otherwise contact you unless you request contact or have ongoing business or patient care with us. When we do contact a patient, our focus is strictly on your health and medical needs and matters related to administering your healthcare.

Thank you for your understanding. Your trust is important to us and we will always uphold our duty to high quality patient care and confidentiality.


Dr. Eusebio and Dr. Rapadas