Antonio Rapadas, DDS

“A good dentist diagnoses the problem competently, fixes what needs to be fixed (with the proper materials), and gets you out the door healthy and having had a good experience,” says Antonio Rapadas, DDS, co-owner of Ordot Dental Clinic. The 25-year veteran of general dentistry feels strongly that a trustworthy dental clinic is a practical balance of new technology with competent, caring dentistry. “All the great tools in the world don’t make you a good dentist,” Rapadas knows. But great tools in the hands of two dentists whose talents and specializations complement each other where it matters most, is something remarkable.

Today, Ordot Dental Clinic is a partnership between Andrew Eusebio, DDS and Rapadas whose different strengths together cover the full breadth of general dentistry: from diagnosis, treatment planning, implants, crowns, bridges and rehabilitations, to oral exams, surgery, endodontics and ongoing care.

The third of seven siblings born to parents who were career civil servants in Guam, Rapadas credits his family’s clear work ethic and unfailing good humor for keeping things real. “It was simple growing up – if you wanted to be a Rapadas, you had to work hard and develop thick skin because there was no mercy,” he quips. Rapadas is characteristically practical and uncomplicated about why he’s lasted this long in dentistry: “It’s no secret. Just enjoy what you do.” He and wife Carmela are carrying on the Rapadas family tradition, raising kids with the same trademark humor. Twins Victoria and Antonio are never to be outdone as the life of the party.

Rapadas graduated with a BS in Biology from the University of San Francisco and earned his Doctorate of Dental Surgery from Marquette University in Wisconsin. He is also a 1979 graduate of Father Dueñas Memorial High School. He began working at Ordot Dental Clinic in 1989 and became a partner and co-owner in 2007.