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Firmly Rooted, Ever Advancing


The clinic undertakes interior and exterior upgrades. Patients enjoy a fresh, new clinic environment with updated conveniences and expanded technology.


Ordot Dental Clinic invests in panoramic digital imaging technology for high-quality scans that support diagnosis and treatment planning, root investigation and surgical procedures.


Ordot Dental Clinic continued accepting new patients, expanding its community of local and military families. This growth in demand was met with expanded capacity through staff and technology upgrades and new patient rooms.


Ordot Dental Clinic becomes Guam’s first paperless dentistry, expanding its Macintosh digital practice from digital imaging and record keeping to every aspect of dentistry. Every patient room is now equipped with a MacPractice dental suite, and patients use iPads to view and update their records and to check in/check out.


The Clinic completes a total facility renovation inside and out. A bucolic setting in the heart of Ordot village inspires lush, tropical landscaping for a warm sense of arrival. The clinic features bright, warm interiors, tranquil patient rooms, thoughtfully appointed bathrooms, a friendly kids corner and a comfortable layout.


Ordot Dental Clinic becomes a partnership between Dr. Andrew Eusebio and Dr. Antonio Rapadas. Having worked at Ordot Dental Clinic part-time and on weekends for several years, while keeping a full-time practice at Guam’s Department of Public Health, Dr. Antonio Rapadas decides to devote himself full-time to Ordot Dental Clinic. He and Dr. Eusebio develop a strong friendship and successful team approach, and by 2007, he becomes a full partner.


Dr. Eusebio assumes sole ownership of Ordot Dental Clinic. He spends the next years running the practice himself, employing specialists on a part-time basis and even adding an extension in the rear of the clinic. The busy little clinic offers periodontics, oral surgery, prosthodontics and endodontics.


Ordot Dental Clinic becomes a partnership between Dr. Jerry Klein and Dr. Andrew Eusebio. The two dentists work together to grow the practice, breaking ground on the first extension to the clinic building.


Andrew Eusebio graduates as a Doctor of Dental Surgery. With a DDS from the University of Maryland in hand (and a prior BA in Philosophy from Creighton University), the new Dr. Eusebio returns home to Guam and starts work at Ordot Dental Clinic on September 12, 1984.


Father Dueñas Memorial High School graduates the future dentist, Antonio Rapadas.


Ordot Dental comes under new ownership. Dr. Yeomans sells his practice to Dr. Jerry Klein.


Father Dueñas Memorial High School graduates the future dentist, Andrew Eusebio. Unaware yet that Ordot Dental Clinic was in his future, a young Andrew Eusebio graduates with Father Dueñas’ Class of ’74 and heads to Creighton University in Omaha, Nebraska.

Celebrating Guam

Ordot Dental Clinic values and promotes a healthy island community – one which celebrates and shares the unique beauty and vitality of Guam’s native and blended cultures. A strong social fabric rooted in family, respect and a love for our island paradise inspires our approach to patient care, professional development and community outreach.

More than just a dental clinic, we are a team of individuals whose roots and relationships in Guam run deep. The quality and manner of our care arises genuinely from Guamanian hospitality and character. More than just a dental clinic, we are family that celebrates Guam at its best.